Our Story

GLODAL was established in order to create a future where business and employment opportunities are available to everyone in the world by making full use of these data and AI resources and space infrastructure, in light of the fact that Earth observation data from satellites is now accessible to everyone through the Internet and the recent establishment of the global spread of AI technology using open source software. GLODAL stands for “Global Data Lancers” and represents the wish to develop their careers by working on a number of projects like a lancer, and to grow to be active in the data human resources market, which is becoming increasingly fluid internationally.

While working as a researcher and faculty member at the University of Tokyo since 2011, Dr. Miyazaki was seconded to the Asian Development Bank (2012-2015), where he researched and promoted the use of Earth observation data and G-spatial information technology in international cooperation projects. He has also been seconded to the Asian Institute of Technology (2016-2021) as a visiting faculty member to teach Asian students about the importance of Earth observation data in international collaborative projects. 

Through his experiences, he has come to realize the high potential of Asian youth and hypothesizes that the world’s development is lagging behind and inequality continues to widen due to inadequate opportunities.

GLODAL has structured projects to enable underprivileged Asian youth and others to participate in data and AI projects, and has promoted capacity building through on-the-job training.Furthermore, by actively hiring young people in Asia, we are lowering the barriers to data and AI projects by reducing labor costs and promoting opportunities for all businesses to benefit from data and AI.As a founding member of the Space Service Innovation Lab (SSIL) in May 2021, we are collaborating with advanced technology venture companies and playing a part in promoting innovation in space utilization.Data, AI, and space utilization are now accessible to everyone, and GLODAL will support the development of all businesses through data, AI, and space utilization.

About Us

Company Name: GLODAL, Inc.

Location: Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama

Date Established: July 2020

Capital: ¥9,900,000

Representative: President Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Business Partners: reaple Inc., Zuitt Inc., etc.

Member Organization: Space Service Innovation Lab Business Cooperative