Consultations, research and development of AI

We always explore frontiers of AI technologies through opensource software including computer vision, point cloud, natural language, audio etc. 

We offer AI design and implementation satisfying clients’ requirements of budges, period, resources etc. with various options of the technologies. 

Satellite data analysis

Our broad-timeseries satellite data analysis platform provides highest productivity by sharing and reusing ground data and algorithms. This helps low-cost satellite data analysis and promises mobility and flexibility in POCs. 

We served the analysis in international projects for assessing infrastructure investment, and urban growth forecasts for disaster risk assessment.

Human resources development for data and AI operations

We offer customized HRD program for space data and AI base on our know-hows of on-the-job trainings.

We serviced the programs in sustainable tourism under a project by Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, and private programs in Asian countries.